segunda-feira, 7 de janeiro de 2008

Brazilian peasants require the end of “Green Hunt” operation and aggressions to the peasants of India

With information from Abrapo - Brazilian Association of People's Lawyers

On April 19, dozens of peasants organized by the Poor Peasants League of Brazil - LCP promoted a demonstration in Brasília (Country’s Capital) in front of India's Embassy, demanding the immediate end of “Green Hunt" Operation.

"Green Hunt" Operation is the application of the genocide’s policy by old State of India against the Adivasis (tribal people) and all the peasants, and aims to tackle the struggling peoples, especially in areas where the Naxalites operate (as are known members of the Communist Party of India - Maoist).

The combative demonstration of the brazilian peasants in solidarity with the peasants and tribals of India, which was attended by representatives of ILPS - Brazil-section (International League of Peoples' Struggle); MEPR (Popular Revolutionary Student Movement), MFP (Popular Women? Movement); FRDDP (Revolutionary Front for the Defense of People's Rights), raised the slogans: "Long live the Advasi and all peasants heroic resistance!" "Down with “Green Hunt Operation!” "Down with the expansionist and fascist State of India!"

A delegation of members of Cebraspo (Brazilian Center of Solidarity with the Peoples) and Abrabo (Brazilian Association of People's Lawyers) delivered a document to the Indian ambassador in Brazil, B. S. Prakash, who arrogantly refused to receive the protesters and cynically denied the genocide perpetrated by India's state against the Adivasis and the peasants of India. He received the commission only because of the persistence and combativeness of the demonstrators.

During the demonstration, Cebraspo distributed a document repudiating the "Green Hunt" Operation and the persecution against people of India and demanding:

1 - The immediate cease with "Green Hunt" operation and the persecution against adivasi people, other nationalities, and the CPI (M);

2 - The immediate cease of all armed operations against the people of India;

3 - The immediate stop of the land theft and displacing local people, by transnational corporations and the State of India.

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